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Planning a perfect party

It takes a lot of work to throw a party that people are talking about for years to come. I throw truly memorable parties which take a lot of work to plan. It's all the little things that add - the decor, the food and the music. If you like throwing amazing parties, I think you'll like this blog. I have advice on throwing all sorts of parties, because as a party planner, you get the craziest requests sometimes. I have thrown big parties and small parties, parties for pets and parties to celebrate every event you can imagine! I love my job! Who wouldn't love planning fun times all day long?

Hiring A Bouncy Castle

Having a backyard full of energetic small children around for a birthday party can be a handful. Harness some of their energy and keep them in the yard by hiring a bouncy castle for the kids.

Here is how to make sure the party goes off without a hitch.

Supervising adults are important

Make sure to station an adult at the entrance of the bouncy castle to make sure there are an appropriate amount of children on the castle at any time. Even if there is a clear entrance, you still need to have an adult at the entrance keep an eye on the action as it can be very easy for small children to get knocked over and stuck in the back or a corner of a bouncy castle and struggle to get upright and back out. If you have children of all age ranges, it can be useful to have times for smaller and younger children only, and followed by sessions for the older and more boisterous children.

Supervising adults also need to make sure no sharp objects get carried into the castle. Not only will a deflated castle take the air out of your party atmosphere, but also it is likely to create an expensive repair job.

The adults can also make sure that no food or drink gets carried onto the bouncy castle. Not only will it likely spill and create a clean-up job you don't want, but also the spilt food and drink will create a slip hazard that is likely to make the children fall over.

Mark off the power source

Make sure the power point that is powering the generator is clearly marked so it isn't switched off accidentally. There is nothing more deflating to the party atmosphere than the bouncy castle suddenly deflating, especially if there are children inside the bouncy castle when it loses air.

Leave enough time for set up and deflating

Make sure to allow adequate time for set up and to get the castle packed away after the party. Ask the party hire equipment store to help you set up the bouncy castle so that you know how to operate the air generator if there are any issues mid party that you need to trouble shoot.

You'll probably want to have a little bounce with your children either before the party, or perhaps with some of the grownups once the kids have gone to sleep - so leave a few hours on one side or the other for a play without all the birthday kids.

For more information, contact any party hire equipment store